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What We Do

The Mission of the Umunne Cultural Association is to enhance the cultural, educational, civic, and general well-being of its members and the public, to educate members of our community about the Igbo culture and traditions, and to involve our members in community development and charitable causes.

We strive to accomplish this mission through organized cultural events, community-based educational programs, member volunteer activities, and establishing relationships with other Minnesota-based organizations that share in the cultural diversity mission of the state of Minnesota.

Our Programs

  • Umunne Cultural Association in Minnesota (UCAM) is committed to improving care for its members and the community at large.
  • UCAM provides free mobile culturally specific mental health services to individuals, families and larger communities.
  • UCAM is committed to using cultural arts and performances to enhance self-esteem in youths.
  • UCAM strives to direct youths and adults to be law abiding by participating in meaningful activities and learning basic civics.

We work to educate Igbo students to build successful careers and professions so that they may become substantial members and positively contribute to the communities in which they live.

Learn about our annual IgboFest.

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